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    Complimenting an artistic friend’s work


  • franzkavka:

    “No wonder we cannot appreciate the really central Kafka joke: that the horrific struggle to establish a human self results in a self whose humanity is inseparable from the horrific struggle. That our endless and impossible journey toward home is in fact our home.”

    — David Foster Wallace, Consider the Lobster and other essays (via franzkavka)


  • schopenhauerquotes:

    “All true art proceeds from sensuous knowledge, never from the concept.”

    Arthur Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Representation


  • astreamoflight:

    “I blossom for my own sake because it pleases me, and not for the sake of others. My joy consists in my being and my blossoming.”

    — Arthur Schopenhauer


  • schopenhauerquotes:

    “We learn by experience that happiness and pleasure are a fata morgana, which, visible from afar, vanish as we approach; that, on the other hand, suffering and pain are a reality, which makes its presence felt without any intermediary, and for its effect, stands in no need of illusion or the play of false hope.”

    Arthur Schopenhauer, Counsels and Maxims


  • philosophybits:

    “A precondition for reading good books is not reading bad ones: for life is short.”

    — Arthur Schopenhauer, “On Books and Reading”, Parerga and Paralipomena


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  • thelifeisabsurd:

    “The more clearly you understand yourself and your emotions, the more you become a lover of what is.”

    Baruch Spinoza
    (via fyp-philosophy)


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    “Boost my immune system”

    ☀️Works best in yellow☀️


  • trcreativecoding:

    THE BACH-PROJECT – 20171029 – pitch values mapped onto a wave in a 3D-space


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